We offer full-service social media management including: content development, posting to designated social media channels, assistance with building page fans and followers, interaction with social media audience, and establishing regular reporting to the client.

We specialize in social media marketing services that work within both big and small business’s niche, budget, and expectations. Let us handle your business’s social media management; you get back to doing what you do best – running your company.



Account Manager

Social Media Manager.png

An account manager will be assigned to your social media campaign from day one. They will be your single point of contact for any questions and regular business updates that you need to relay to your social following.

Comment Response

Comment Response.png

Nothing is lonelier than a comment without a response. We don’t want your followers to think their comments are falling on deaf ears. We want to foster that engagement by replying to them in a timely manner and making them feel a part of the community. We also want to remove any spam as well as address and attempt to resolve any negative comments that could ultimately cost you business.

Content Updates

Content Update.png

When looking at increasing your following and boosting the engagement of your followers, making consistent content updates is second only to the type of content you are posting. We setup content to post when your followers are online for maximum effect. Depending on your plan, we can post as few as four  times per week or six to twelve times daily on our advanced option.

Content Curation

Content Curation.png

One of the key elements to building a strong social community is finding the content they will engage with. This is no simple task as each community is different and diverse in its make-up. We seek out content that has already tipping the viral scales as well as interesting new pieces that frame a topic from an interesting angle. For local businesses, we highlight events and news from the community to draw in your local customer base. We try to pair your content with trending topics, and give your business the best chance to find new followers by never being boring.

Social Strategy

Social Strategy

We bring our expertise to the table to research and tailor a social strategy that will target the right content to create a community among your followers and spur them on to share that content with their friends and colleagues.

Social Account Setup

Social account Set Up.png

We realize that not all of our clients possess the technical savvy to navigate the social media registration process. That shouldn’t hold you back from pushing your business into the wilds of social media. Our consultants can setup accounts for you across the social media networks, identifying optimal handles. After we are through, you will be ready to conquer the world of social media.

Custom Graphic Headers

Custom Graphic Headers.png

I’m sure you’ve spent a good amount of time tweaking and perfecting your website so it relays just the right message online. The front page of your social networks serve the same function. If you grabbed a couple images off your computer to serve as your profile photo and header image, you may not be projecting the professional image your business deserves. We help perfect your social media presentation.

Brand Mentions

Brand Mentions.png

People are talking about you one the web. Not only are they discussing you on social media, but there are also news articles, blog posts and message board comments. Amid the chaos, we keep track of all those mentions so we can reach out to the commenter to say thanks for the praise or to help out if things aren’t so rosy. Brand mention follow-ups can make the difference of a lost customer and lingering bad publicity or a reporter keeping you in mind for a future story.

Website Social Audit

Website Social Audit.png

A key element to your social media strategy is your website. We look at how effective it is at allowing readers to share your content with their social network. We make suggestions on how you can boost your website content through strategically placed social icons targeted to maximize shares.

Social Networks

Social Networks.png

We realize that businesses have different budgets and needs when it comes to their social media campaigns. We’ve built our social media management packages to accommodate these needs. Every package features Facebook since it is the most dominant player in this field.We also post to Twitter and Google+. Standard accounts also get coverage for LinkedIn, the network for professionals. We also realize that some businesses don’t fit into the traditional mold. Maybe your business is in the realm of fashion and your audience gravitates towards Pinterest and Instagram. Maybe you cater to a younger crowd that makes Tumblr a must. For our custom packages, we can tailor your social outreach campaigns around the channels that make the most sense for your business.


Here are our packages.

Social Media Manager Package.png




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