Let’s face it, today more than ever blogging business is a big deal globally. More and more people are starting to realize the possibilities of running successful online businesses with blogs. Despite blogbizness -as i call it  being popular, there’s still  scarcity of  valuable actionable easy to understand information about blogging and business.

The available information about blogging and business most of the time come from experts, and mostly experts can be the worst people to teach you anything. They can get very technical, and this ends up confusing you even more.

This being something new in the +254  and many other parts of the world, there are no easily available Content marketing institutes to go learn about blogging and business, and this somehow makes it a survival for the fittest contest.

Running an online business using a blog can be hard if you are lacking the right information, or like i said getting very technical information that ends up confusing you even more.

That’s where #Blogbizz254 comes in. Providing you with blogbizness tip’s, information and the how-to’s, that will help you grow an online business using a blog and ensure your survival in the blog-sphere.

Being passionate about blogbizness and having an experience of close to 4 years being a social media manager for several businesses, TV shows and celebrities, definitely not an expert 🙂 I prefer being more of a life time student. I want to share with you what i have learned and currently learning in my blogbizness journey in a very simplified, easily consumable, and implementable way.

Being a life time student, share with me your blogbizness journey as well, let’s learn from one another, don’t hesitate to ask questions,comments or even drop suggestions.

Let’s build online businesses using blogs together.


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