You already have a blog and you’re already creating content and publishing it on your blog. But you need your content to be easily consumable to your audience.

Enter blog optimization.

Optimizing simply means to make (something) as good or as effective as possible, you want to make your blog as effective as possible to ensure your audience are having an easy time consuming your content.

Here are ways to optimize your blog for better satisfactory user experience.


You will need to have a responsive WordPress theme or whichever theme you are using, it needs to be responsive.

Ensure your blog is optimized for what is working now! is it consumable on mobile?, It’s 2016 and everything is going mobile, from Facebook, Instagram,twitter etc. all this social sites understand that technology is going mobile and to guarantee your survival on this sphere you have to adapt or die. Make sure your blog is optimized for mobile. WordPress has very responsive free themes.


User experience should be on top of your list when in comes to your blog, this is more of a customer care objective that you should strive to improve everyday.

If your blog is loading slower this can make you loose an audience, so you want to ensure that your blog is loading in the correct way. There are  dozen of tools out there to help you in speeding up your blog eg. GT METRICS is a good tool to help you  speed up  your blog.

Will go to more details about those  tools in another post.


This includes Facebook,Twitter,Instagram and YouTube. If you are going to use social media which is inevitable, because if you want to build an online business you will have to integrate your blog with social media, it will  help you in building an audience.

Here are ways to optimize your social media profiles.

Fill out all relevant details

You don’t want people to come to your social media networks and not fully understand what you stand for, by filling out this relevant details you ensure that your audience understand in a clear way what you’re all about. You don’t want people to visit a page and not know what the page is about. That  will be tragic for you.

Make your mission clear 

Be very clear about what you’re offering, if it’s second hand cars you sell, make that clear! if you are providing information to help people build online businesses using blogs like am doing, be clear!.  You don’t want people visiting your  social sites and leaving confused of what you were offering.

Use clear relevant profile photos

Your social media  profile photos and cover photos should be relevant and inline with your mission.

It wouldn’t be wise to use a bacon picture for a profile photo or cover photo while your mission is  promoting  vegan diet 🙂

And last but not least;


How do you optimize a brain?…………….**crickets**

It’s actually easier than you think.

This simply means you should sharpen your acts!

If for example you have a blog about MATHEMATICS… you’re helping people who find mathematics hard enjoy mathematics and learn it in a fun way. It’s not rocket science that you should be be constantly practicing and sharpening your mathematics skills!

The same goes for you, if you will create an authoritative blog and be a leading brand in your niche you will have to continually sharpen your skills. This will include attending seminars, reading a lot about your area of expertise,and continually getting updated.

                                           ”Sharpen your acts”


It’s my hopes that you’re getting something out of this blog, don’t hesitate to ask any questions you might be having. Let’s figure out this together.

Until next time, it’s time to get out there and build successful online businesses!







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