So you want to build a successful online business, great! here are 3 essential components you will need, to build a successful blogging business. 


If you’re going to build an online business or even an offline business, if there’s such a thing, it’s a no brainer that you’ll need an audience to sell to, whatever is it that you are sharing with the world.

For example, Lucy  has an online shoe selling business, she has a blog where she has been sharing valuable and consistent content about her niche. But Lucy’s blog doesn’t have any visitors for a number of reasons. Do you think Lucy will have a successful online business?


It doesn’t matter if you have the best content on the world wide web, if no one sees it it’s useless to both yourself and would-be audience. Nobody will know about your valuable, content.

Have an audience to which you  can provide value, and if  you do things in a smart way  you can make money with it.


You can have a million visitors on your blog every day, but if your audience doesn’t trust you they will never buy what you’re selling and you will never make a cent.

Even if your audience doesn’t trust you, if you are getting a TON of traffic, you can still make some money with ads. However, you won’t be able to realize the true potential of your blog without the trust element.

You want to build trust by  constantly creating high value content that helps your audience accomplish their goals, you will earn their trust and they WILL buy what you’re selling.

I would want you to remember this every time you see the word ”SELL” on this blog;

“Selling is helping someone by guiding them to the perfect solution to their problem.”

                                Leslie Samuel  

Sell because you  want to provide value to your AUDIENCE. Don’t hold back anything that can add VALUE to your audience.


Leslie Samuel of becomeablogger.com defines selling in a very clear way, i find his definition short, clear and sweet;

Selling is helping someone by guiding them to the perfect solution to their problem.

If you’re blogging for business, whatever is it that you’re providing, i believe it’s a solution to someone’s problem. As long as the content provides valuable consistent solutions to your audience the content is sell-able.


Once you have integrated this  three essential pillars for your blog , you’re on your way to building a successful online business.

Have an online business plan that puts the above essentials on the fore front and you’ll start seeing  the benefits of implementing them soon.

Until next time, it’s time to get out there and build successful online businesses!




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