Sell and make a profit from Safaricom Internet Bundles How to sell and make a profit from Safaricom Internet Bundles Kenyan’s are an enterprising lot and are quick to spot an opportunity and make a quick buck out of it. The latest business craze is the sale of Safaricom internet bundles and bonga points. For the sake of this article we will focus on the sale of Safaricom internet bundles. Chances are that you have bought internet bundles from a different vendor other than Safaricom normally via a seller doing a Sambaza transfer to your phone number. Many people don’t care how it works as long as long as the bundles
are cheaper than buying directly from Safaricom but they are those interested on how this savvy Kenyans make a profit from the business. We all know Safaricom sells internet bundles in different packages from as low as 4mb @ Ksh5 to 25GB @Ksh11,500 . To see the available Safaricom internet bundles options dial *450#

How it works.
You need to buy the largest bundle that Safaricom has to offer i.e. the 25GB option at
Ksh11,500 25Gb @Ksh11,500 converts to about Ksh460 for 1GB and Ksh 46 for 100Mb .
The idea is to sell the 25 GB in smaller units at a profit by doing Safaricom internet
bundles Sambaza/transfer to other Safaricom numbers. To do an internet Sambaza
request dial *544# and choose the Sambaza internet option. Note that if you intend to do this business, you need to buy the largest Safaricom internet bundles; lower value bundles
will invariably hurt your profit margins. Below is a breakdown on the some street prices for different Safaricom internet bundles sizes:-

100mb goes for Ksh80 with a profit of Ksh34

500mb @Ksh300 with a profit of Ksh70

1Gb @Ksh600with a profit of Ksh 140

Assuming you sell 1GB bundles at Ksh600, you will make gross sales at least 15,000 and a profit of at least Ksh5,000 from the 25 GB Safaricom internet bundle if you also combine with other profits avenues below. Other ways you make a profit from Safaricom internet bundles Safaricom airtime discounts Discount when buying credit to load for purchase of bundle i.e. for you buy the bundle you will need to  purchase Safaricom airtime worth 11,500 but to save on costs don’t buy via your normal retailer, Look for a Safaricom dealer selling
airtime in wholesale where you basically get airtime worth 1,000 @Ksh940 where you will
save upto Ksh700 Bonga Points  you get over 1100 Bonga points at one go when you buy the 25GB bundle. We all know that in a way; Bonga points is also sort of currency in Kenya. You can always redeem them for something else or resell them getting you some extra cash from your Safaricom internet bundles business. With such types of margins for a business that doesn’t need much to start up basically it’s the initial airtime investment and you can use your Safaricom SIM card. However this business isn’t as smooth as you might think, there are a few things you need to know:-

Safaricom only allows 2 sambaza requests per day from any given Safaricom line
You can transfer a maximum of 900mb per day as long as it falls under 2 sambaza requests per day ie. if you send 100mb in a first daily request, you can also send only one more that is capped at  800mb and you are done for that day. You can do a maximum of 50 sambaza
requests per month from your Safaricom line. So here are a few tricks:-

You need to have multiple Safaricom lines to effectively sell the Safaricom internet
bundles , this means investing more on airtime to buy extra 25GB units on other lines.
Alternatively you can transfer 900mb units to other Safaricom lines on a daily basis so as to spread your bundles, this will allow you to maximize on your sales rather than selling from a single line which caps you out at a maximum of 900mb per day. Note: Safaricom does not
allow the resale of its bundles without their prior consent. For more terms and conditions
Visit their website. We would love to hear your thoughts, kindly share with us On the comment section
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